Rubber Process Oil (RPO)



What is Rubber Process Oil (RPO)?


Rubber Process Oil (RPO) has a key role as lubricants. Firstly, it improves the quality of rubber blending, Secondly, it facilitates the embodiment of fillers and other additives.

Notably, RPO has a lot of applications. surprisingly, about 2/3 of the rubber industry is involving in the tire industry, however, 1/3 being non-tire related which is involved in:

  • Hoses
  • Conveyor belts
  • Adhesives & Sealants
  • Consumer Products
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Polymers
  • Transmission belts
  • Seals and gaskets

Various kinds of rubber process oil are producing depends on the kind of rubber and also the end uses.



Grades of Rubber Process Oil (RPO):

The vary of rubber process oil is broadly divided into :

  • Naphthenic types
  • Aromatic types
  • Paraffinic types


Naphthenic Oil:

Naphthas are a category of hydrocarbons conjointly referred to as ‘cycloparaffins’. Although their structure is similar to the aromatic ring, these are single bonded so having a stable structure.


Paraffinic Oil:

This category of hydrocarbons constitutes branched chain or straight linked hydrocarbon molecules that are come from various viscosity. As the chain length will increase, the viscosity will increase, and also the rubber process oil becomes highly viscous. In addition, These are more stable and have the highest flash purpose for a given viscosity.


How Rubber Process Oil produce?

Rubber process oil is driven from petroleum crude oil. it is mixtures of paraffinic, naphthenic, and aromatic compounds. it enhances the processability of rubbers and rubber compounds therefore, It will lead to lower prices.


In Short, W&E Co. is expertise is supplying the highest quality of Rubber process oil. We supply both heavy and light grades.

The packing is varied depends on the customer need. we can supply New drum, reconditioned drum, and Flexi, for instance.


Rubber Process Oil (RPO) specification


Specification Heavy RPO Light RPO
V 100◦c 30-40 20-30
Density 15 1.02 1.01
Flash Point 240 200-230
Aniline point 30-40 30-40
VGC 0.95 0.94
RI at 70 1.5600 1.5500


Available Packing


Packing Net Weight  Packing Net Weight Gross Weight QTY in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft
Tolerance : +/-5%
Drum 210 KG 17-18KG 218KG 80 PCS 17.44 18.600 MT
Flexi Tank 20 MT 100KG 20.100 MT 1 PCS 20 MT 20 MT



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